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Your Questions, My Answers

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Can I get a free coaching session or training session?

As a Life coach, I shall provide a free 30 min session called as 'Discovery session'. I shall provide you an outline of what is coaching, the structure of coaching session, and the expectancy from the coaching session.

As a Corporate Trainer, I shall provide a free orientation session to give an overview of the training program structure and the latest tools & techniques in the training and development area.

What are your fees for coaching session / corporate training session?

As a Life Coach, post the discovery call, my fee is INR 500 for each coaching session for 1 hour. This fee is to be paid in advance i.e. before the commencement of the coaching session. Normally the coaching process consists of five coaching sessions. In case, the entire five coaching sessions are booked by the coaches, then the reduced price shall be INR 2,000. However, in case you have some difficulty in relation to payment, please feel free to connect with me.

As a Corporate Trainer, post the orientation session, the fee for the training program shall be decided mutually based on the number of training hours to be delivered and preparation of training content.

As a speaker for delivering a keynote or in speak-up session, the fee for the same shall be decided mutually.                                                                                            

What is coaching?

A Coach makes you understand yourself, your strengths💪, your weakness and your innate desires!🔥 A Coach empowers you to that level that you are able to find solutions on your own. Just imagine! the power🤜 you feel when you are master of your own life!😎

A friend shall listen and give direct solutions to you. However, a Life coach listens effectively to you and rather than providing you with solutions, prepares you to discover solutions yourself. That is the magic of having a coaching session💫

What's better for you from a health perspective? Order food from outside🍕 or prepare the food yourself 🍛? I know ordering food from a restaurant is easy but is it affordable, healthy, and feasible from a long-term perspective?

Drawing a parallel here, there are a ton of people ready to give you solutions but, a Life coach is someone who shall make you capable to find answers yourself!💪

What is NLP and Mindfulness technique?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a technique to understand how your inner life works. If the body is the hardware, our mind is the software. What shall happen if we don't update the software regularly? Or, if any virus corrupts the software then what?

NLP and Mindfulness help you to be self-aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The benefits are innumerable - 

1) Overcoming limiting beliefs

2) Increase in self-confidence

3) Self-regulation and management of emotions

4) Inculcating problem-solving attitude

5) Change your mindset

6) Dealing with pain and allergies

7) Improves communication

8) Mastery over the mind

9) Increased relaxation

10) Develop resilience to deal with crisis in life

What is CBT technique?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people learn how to identify and change negative thought patterns (i.e. destructive or disturbing thoughts ) that have a negative influence on yourself.

CBT is helpful for - 

1) Anxiety

2) Addiction

3) Eating disorder

4) Anger

5) Phobia

6) Panic attack

7) Depression

These are just some areas where CBT can help but there are many areas where CBT is helpful for an individual.

How can you help me as a Flow state practitioner?

Have you seen any sports events? If yes, you would listen to the player or the commentator saying that this person is now 'IN THE ZONE'. What is the 'ZONE'? 

Flow state is the state when the individual is at its peak potential! This peak potential is achieved when the mind and body are in total sync. As a Flow state practitioner, I shall help you to induce the flow state in your daily life. Once you achieve the flow state, you shall feel the true feeling of happiness and enjoyment

What benefits I can get from System thinking?

Systems thinking is a holistic approach that focuses on the way that a system's constituent parts inter-relate and how systems work over a period of time and within the context of larger systems.

For example - If a company wants to increase its sales. Hence, the marketing team did the required actions for it. However, the sales team had the added pressure of increased sales orders. This team was not supported with extra support and hence, this component of the organization failed which in a way affected the entire organization

In a similar way, system thinking can also be applied in your own life

Some of the benefits of learning and applying system thinking are - 

1) Failure is only Feedforward - System thinkers do not perceive failure as a bad thing. Failures are considered good as they are valuable lessons that can correct the thinking

2) Optimization - Once you the inter-connectivity between the sub-systems, we can achieve the synergy between the sub-system and ultimately their peak potential

3) 3D perspective - It helps you to take a step back and look at the entire system and gain a holistic understanding of the system. This holistic view helps you unlock your creativity and find new ways to achieve your organizational goals.

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