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About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

Since 2013, I’ve been working in Accountancy and Taxation field. I have done Industrial Training from Voltas Ltd. Post-qualification as a Chartered Accountant (CA), I joined Ernst and Young (EY) in the year 2016. As a Senior Consultant in EY, I gathered extensive corporate experience of 4+ years.

Even though I had material success, I knew that my soul was craving for the greater purpose of my Life. I always believed that passion is the oxygen of the Soul. That's the reason I was feeling suffocated in my Life. The moment I started my journey as a certified Life Coach and Trainer, I felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that was never felt earlier!

As a person, I 'L.I.V.E' by these four core values

1) Learning - To learn throughout my life

2) Integrity - To be 100% authentic

3) Vision - Powerful vision that inspires action

4) Empathy - To understand the emotions behind the unspoken words

As a Life Coach, I specialize in asking the right questions to my coachees to ensure that they are able to see the recurring pattern of actions in their Life. The one thing that I realized after conducting numerous coaching sessions is that - 'Emotions are not facts but emotions are something that can distort the facts! ' This is the same reason why we sometimes take a wrong decision at the wrong time for wrong people. We don't realize that we have become a slave of our emotions, thoughts, and mind overall. As a Coach, my vision is to create a world where people are masters of their minds!

As a Corporate Trainer, I ensure that the most complex subject is delivered in the easiest, understandable and fun way! My goal is to instill the required life skills in my trainees so that they are able to face all the hurdles in their life!

Let's find the HOPE in DISTRESS

Let's find the LEARNING in FAILURE

Let's find the SMILE in TEARS

Let's find the COMPASSION in ANGER


Let's find the COURAGE in FEAR

All this is to find the LIFE in the LIVING!

- By Priyanka Dave

Looking forward to meet the lively SOUL within you!!!

My Qualifications

ICF-CCE Certified International Coach | Corporate Trainer | Certified Life and Executive Coach | CPD Certified Health, Wellness & Life Coach | Happiness Coach Specialist | Certified Behavioural Skills Trainer 

CBT Practitioner | NLP & Mindfulness practitioner | Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy | Flow State Practitioner | System Thinking Practitioner |  

Professional Certificate on Food, Nutrition, and Health by WageningenX University | Certificate on introduction to Clinical Psychology by University of Queensland | Professional Certificate on Nutrition and Disease by WageningenX University

About Me: About Me
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