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Helping Hand

Be the Cause, To have the Effect you desire!

It's ok to have bad days !

It's ok to feel low sometimes !

It's ok to cry your heart out !

But, it's not ok to live life without living it !

I don't believe in the distinction between positive and negative feelings or emotions. Negative feelings/ emotions are not negative by themselves, the way we perceive these emotions makes them either helpful or detrimental for our Life.

My aim is to provide holistic support to the coachees and/or trainees to help them reach the peak of their potential.

 My vision is -

To build a world where people are masters of their minds

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Crossing the River

My Journey

From Chartered Accountant (CA) to Certified International Coach and Corporate Trainer!

My journey has been one hell of a ride! The reason I selected this image is to illustrate how I came from one side of the bridge to altogether different! Chartered Accountant (CA) and Life Coach & Corporate trainer are poles apart !!! I was having the best Life but still, somewhere I was not living my Life!

My standard of living was increasing but my standard of Life was deteriorating!  

This realization came to me when I lost someone dear to me. At that moment I decided to pursue my passion that fuels the purpose of my life. I’ve been successfully coaching and training clients to facilitate their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, my services aim to introduce clarity in thoughts and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

Let's find blissful silence amidst this chaos!!!

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“To achieve the VISION one needs this six-letter word i.e. ACTION otherwise one shall not live the REASON of their Life”

Priyanka Dave

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